URA Business Inc. established this storefront to showcase our work and support dogs in need.

Atlas Douglas Co.

A Working Dog, Supporting Small Businesses and Dogs in Need

The Atlas Douglas Co. Shop

Supporting Dogs In Need

A volunteer supporting dog while a veterinarian provides care to a dog in need.

Atlas Douglas Co. is dedicated to supporting dogs and shelters by providing essential funding and much-needed supplies. Our mission is to help every dog find a loving family and home. Sadly, too many dogs remain in shelters for months, years, and sometimes the rest of their lives. We are doing our part to change this by working closely with our local shelters. We are trying to raise funds, increase adoption rates, and raise awareness.

There are far too many canines ending up in shelters every day. Many of these shelters face tough decisions due to overcrowding, which often results in putting down dogs that are not getting adopted, placing multiple dogs into one living space, or turning new dogs away. In many cases, shelters must do all three. ALL dogs deserve another chance at a happy life. To achieve this, we must expand shelters, actively promote adoption, and advertise dogs available for adoption.

To support our local shelters, we will donate 100% of this venture’s profits to dog shelters in need.

Supporting Small Businesses

Donating 100% of the profits generated by Atlas Douglas Co. might not seem logical for a for-profit company, but it actually benefits the business. At URA Business Inc., we use this storefront, blog, and it’s social media to provide work for freelancers. We consistently offer various opportunities to freelancers through our business. These opportunities include assisting in providing services for our clients and supporting our own business operations. Through the Atlas Douglas Co. store, we offer opportunities for copywriters, content writers, digital artists, and artisans.

Want to support dogs, freelancers, and artisans? You can do so by purchasing Atlas Douglas Co. merchandise. We deeply appreciate purchases of our brand essentials to advertise our mission. Remember, every purchase in our store first compensates our freelancers and artisans, and then ALL profits go towards supporting dogs.

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